A Guide To Healthy Cattle

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When you want to take great care of your cattle, it's critical that you understand how to bring home the best animals, care for them and feed them so that they stay as healthy as possible. These guidelines will help you to get the most from your farm, whether you're looking to increase revenue or show off your prize cows. To this end, read below and follow these strategies, in order to get all that you can from your precious cattle:

Start out by choosing the best cattle and bringing them home safely

Choosing the right cattle is half the battle in caring for your animals. Make sure that you check them out in person and don't hesitate to bring in a veterinarian that can give the cows a checkup before you make a purchase. The cow's breathing should be natural and not labored and their eyes should be clear. Ask about the cow's medical history to see if they have had any sort of illnesses. Make sure that you have grazing areas set up well in advance and that you have trailers that are clean and comfortable for transport. Starting with healthy cows will make caring for them so much easier. 

Take care of the cow's shelter space

After you bring your cattle home, you need to be sure that they have access to the highest quality shelter possible. You'll want to give them plenty of space to roam and graze, while also providing some shade from the harsh rays of the sun. Always keep their spaces clean, so that the cows don't get sick or encounter any sort of parasites. Allow for plenty of ventilation so that the cows can breathe easy and so that you're allowing strong odors a chance to escape. 

Feed your cattle the food that they need

Diet is everything when it comes to caring for cattle. Choose highly nutrient dense, healthy cattle feed, so that your cows are able to grow and thrive. For instance, alfalfa hay is packed with upwards of 60 percent total digestible nutrients. The more that you stay on top of getting your cow the high-quality feed that they need, the better you can expect the cow to thrive, grow strong and avoid sicknesses that rack up tremendous medical bills. 

Start out by using these tips, so that you are able to get the most out of your cattle's overall health. Contact a company like Ruma-Lic Liquid Feed for more information and assistance.