How Fulvic Acid Helps Out Your Gut & Your Body

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Fulvic acid is a naturally-occurring humic-acidic organic compound found in dirt, rocks, and water. This organic compound plays an important role in sustaining the health of your digestive and immune systems.

In the past, when people had a closer relationship with dirt and water, it was easier to absorb this substance naturally. Since we now live in a society that is focused on cleaning and sanitizing everything, we don't encounter fulvic acid as much naturally. In order to obtain fulvic acid, many people rely on the use of supplements.

Fulvic Acid Nourishes Our Digestive System

Fulvic acid is not a singular substance; it is a combination of various substances. Fulvic acid is made up of a large combination of probiotics, prebiotics, trace minerals, electrolytes, silica, and fatty acids. All of these substances, when combined together, make up what is known as fulvic acid.

All of the substances in fulvic acid are good for the overall health of your digestive tract. These substances help your digestive tract create and retain the right type of bacteria needed to break down the food you eat.

One way to keep your gut healthy is by taking products that contain fulvic acid as a supplement. Fulvic acid supplements are just another way, like probiotics, to help keep the balance of bacteria and microbes inside of your digestive tract within a healthy range.

Fulvic Acid Can Help You Absorb Nutrients

Fulvic acid doesn't just make it easier for your digestive system to break down food; it also makes it easier for your digestive system to absorb the nutrients your body needs from the foods you eat. The minerals found within fulvic acid make your cells more permeable, which allows your cells to more easily absorb nutrients from the foods you eat. The minerals can also help restore the pH levels inside of your gut.

Fulvic Acids Help Fight Back Against Illness

It is believed that eating the right amount of fulvic acid on a regular basis can help your body fight back against common digestive orders. Many people believe fulvic acid can help protect against bacterial infections, inflammatory bowel disorders, and small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

In addition to fighting back against digestive issues, it is also believed that having the right amount of fulvic acid in your system can help boost your immune system to fight back against other common illnesses. For example, high levels of fulvic acid are supposed to help your body fight back against the common cold and flu, as well as a wide variety of bacterial infections.

If you experience digestive health issues, you may want to consider taking a fulvic acid supplement. Fulvic acid can help improve the overall health of your digestive system, make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs, and can help your body fight back against a variety of different illnesses and infections. Contact a company that sells supplements, like Liv Earth INC, for more information and details.